Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Logic - Are You Ready ft. Phil Ade

I feel like I'm late posting this, it was released a couple weeks ago to hype up Young Sinatra, which drops June 17th. I think it worked cause I can't wait for the release of his new tape. The beat bumps, which samples Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner," and both Logic and Phil Ade do their parts in their verses. Check out "Are You Ready."

Chris Webby - Success

Here's the final leak from Chris Webby, "Success," off Webster's Laboratory, which drops tomorrow. This track has a weird feel to it, the unknown sample sounds like something that would be on "Stan" by Eminem. In my mind, I like Chris Webby way more then Mac Miller, his feelings in his music shows something, and he's not always making music about the same thing like Mac Miller does, he should get a lot more credit and publicity. Check it out and be ready for Webster's Laboratory tomorrow.

Mikey Conway - Back Then

Now, I follow the R6 crew since they first started, day 1. I had absolutely no idea that Mikey was apart of the crew until he decided to hit me up. I'm real glad he made that decision. From what I heard so far, he reminds me of Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, except without all the issues Marshall went through, just the feeling in the music reminds me. Check out Mikey Conway's official video for "Back Then."

R6 Cypher - Episode 5

Yup! The R6 crew is back with episode 5, and it's pretty much sicker then ever. This time they brought in some artists emcees from Landsdowne and Pheonixville, expanding from outside of Philly. Each artist comes out with fast, smart lines, and it's dope. Check out R6 Cypher - Episode 5.

Ethan Kaufman - Flowin' Like The Falls

So, this new artist, Ethan Kaufman, just started his rap career, literally. This is his first song recorded, so don't be too harsh if you want to be that Mr. Negative. I think once he starts getting used to recording and everything, he's going to be something else. Check out Ethan Kaufman's "Flowin' Like The Falls" over J. Coles "Who Dat!" Shouts to Jordan Williams for introducing me to Ethan.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Sean - Home & Not Good Enough (Unreleased Tracks)

So I stumbled upon two unreleased tracks from Big Sean, "Home" and "Not Good Enough." The first track, "Home," appears to be a full song. On the other hand, "Not Good Enough," seems to only have a small verse with an unknown female included with a soulful vibe also. Either of these songs could appear on his album Finally Famous, which has been pushed back to June 28th, or on a mixtape that's suppose to be released before the album drops...


"Not Good Enough"

Too Much Raw - Hip Hop 101 ft. Tommy Too Smoove

In a struggle to find more music by the Philly bound artist, Too Much Raw, Ive finally done so. The beat reminds me of something like back in the day, like A Tribe Called Quest or Eric B. and Rakim. Check it out and be on the look out for more by Too Much Raw and his upcoming tape, Recognize A Warrior.

Alotta Cash - What Goes Around (freestyle)

Here's some more Alotta Cash, who indeed did a freestyle over Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around" Be on the look out for more of this Philly artist and his upcoming mixtape Haileys Comet.

Gilbere Forte - Im So Appalled (Official Music Video) & Philadelphia Freshman

Yup, another dope Philly artist. You already know how it is, Philly's been killing the music industry. Check out Gilbere Forte's official music video for his "Im So Appalled" off his Philadelphia Freshman mixtape!

If you were diggin his "Im So Appalled" listen to the rest of Philadelphia Freshman

Dorrough - Dallas Mavs (Bounce Dat)

So it seems like Dorrough is so confident that Dallas is going to sweep Miami in the NBA finals. The Dallas native worked out a song in hope it plays as a home court anthem.

J. Cole - How High

Brand new J. Cole. I dig this calm song, goes over from what it seems like only a snare drum and a flute? Check it out.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

IanJ - Pass Out

IanJ knows how to make good music, especially the upbeat type since it's getting around summertime. First time I heard IanJ, I had to put him on my ipod. His flow with the beats he uses is excellent. Not many artists can to that these days. Im pretty sure that this is a freestyle over Tinie Tempah's "Pass Out", if not, oh well, it still bumps. Be sure to check out his mini mixtape LikeIanJ and his most recent tape Summer Lights.

R6 Cyphers

Nothing much to say cept Ive been following the "R6" crew since day 1. They gather some artists from all over Philly, find a spot, and just freestyle. It's really dope, you don't see much stuff like this going on anymore. R6 stands for reinvent, reintroduce, redefine, rejuvenate, revamp, and the one that I think is important, resurrect. That's R6. Check out episodes 1-4.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Jordan Williams - Say Something (Remix) & The Memo

So, here's another young artist that I stumbled upon. Not really much to say but that he's a young lyricist who knows how to make good music. When his new project, Transformations, is released, be sure to check back for it. Check out his "Say Something" remix over Drakes "Say Something"

Also check out his recent tape, The Memo

Pretty Lights - Finally Moving (James Brown Remix)

Pretty Lights, his music is amazing. It's either hype and upbeat, trippy, or really laid back. Pretty Lights is perfect for those cruising moments when you can't think of a spot to ride out to. Finally Moving (James Brown Remix) is off Pretty Lights 2010 Unreleased Remixes. So just sit back, and listen to some Pretty Lights.

Hopsin - Sag My Pants (Official Video)

Well, possibly the only reasons this song is on here is, 1. I started singing the chorus in class, it was pretty sick and catchy. 2. He dissed a couple mainstream artists pretty bad, some of it isn't even necessary, check out Hopsin's "Sag My Pants" Ups to my boys Rynoch & Joe for singing this while playing ball, they introduced me to him.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

CJ Perrin - The Summertime

To be quite honest, I have absolutely no clue how I found this guy, pretty hype I did though. It's the only thing I can find by him, but when I do, be sure to see more from CJ.

Lupe Fiasco ft MDMA - I Don't Wanna Care Right Now (Suneil S Remix)

Lupe asked DJ & producer Sunseil S to do a remix for his track "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" off his recent album LASERS. It sounds like a club or party jam.

Azar - Not So Bad

This is actually a song that was released way back in September, done by Azar, who is apart of the Philly trio Ground Up. To me, this song puts me in a better mood, Im not sure if it's cause of the instrumental, or his lyrics, or both. Either way, you should check this track out and then look out for his group Ground Up, they're doing big things.

Afrojack & R3hab - Prutataaa

Okay, so besides having a love for hip-hop, I also have a passion for dubstep/techno/electronica and remixes of songs. It's something about the heavy bass lines that gets me. Anyway, here's a somewhat new Afrojack track which he linked up with R3hab to do.

Logic - Stewie Griffin

There's meanings behind his song & video for "Stewie Griffin" Long story short, he puts everything in his music, and you can see hear it. Logic's new tape, Young Sinatra, drops June 17th. Also, go to www.mindoflogic.com and make a donation to Young Sinatra! It would be greatly appreciated. Be sure to also check out his other tape, Young, Broke, and Infamous.

Mic Stewart - Oooh (Official Video) & All Whack Everything ft. Too Much Raw (Official Video)

Now, this actually came out back in Feb, pretty sure as his first single off Time 2 Rhyme. I love the old school beat, Oooh by De La Soul ft. Redman. He has his own style and its real nice.

"The glorification of drug use, sexism, and materialism in Hip-Hop has, while expanding its mainstream foundation, simultaneously commodified the culture and crippled the legitimacy of the art form." Wise words from Mic Stew himself. It fits well with his music, changing the game one step at a time. check out his "All Whack Everything" video featuring Too Much Raw.

R.I.P Gil Scott-Heron

"I may not change the world, but I will guarantee I will spark the mind of someone that will change the world." My favorite quote by Gil Scott-Heron who died this past Friday in a New York Hospital at age 62. He was known as the "Godfather of Rap" which he actually disliked. Others known him as the "black Bob Dylan" but he referred to himself as a bluesologist. One of his most famous songs include The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, a fierce protest poem he set to music in the 70s. His work was often powerfully political, standing up as the voice of black America and addressing issues like racism, poverty, and social injustice. Here's my favorite song, which is in fact a remix done by Nas, "New York is Killing Me" Rest in peace Gil Scott-Heron (April 1st, 1949 - May 27, 2011)

Introducing... Sophisticated

Sophisticated... I can't really say much but hes an extremely talented artist from Washington D.C. He recently dropped 3 EPs in one day, it's great isn't it? I have nothing more to say except listen. Did I mention he's only 18?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mic Stewart ft. Obvious Bane - Cost of Living

Another Philly artist. So I saw this guy back in November when I went to a Ground Up show in New Hope, ever since then Ive been diggin his music. "Cost of Living" is my favorite track off his tape Time 2 Rhyme.

Alotta Cash & Too Much Raw - Insomnia

I absolutely love the music that comes straight from Philly. Now, I can only find a few songs by these dudes, Im pretty disappointed about it. I actually put my facebook status as a line from this song (I tend to do that frequently), and Alotta Cash tweeted about it. It felt pretty good knowing it. Besides that, this song is definitely dope.

Chiddy Bang - Guinness Flow

Since Chiddy decided to break the freestyle world record, they decided to release a track in celebration. Off of the new tape Peanut Butter & Swelly, which dropped at noon today.