Friday, September 30, 2011

Too Much Raw & Sean Faylon - Keep It Real (215)

Ive never heard of this Sean Faylon guy until Too Much Raw posted this track, I may have to start getting into him. Faylon linked up with with Too Much Raw and put in a couple verses over Milkbones "Keep It Real," and in all honesty, the only time I heard this instrumental was in Big L & Jay Z - Stretch and Bobbito Freestyle 95, which was real dope, 10 minutes of on the spot freestyling.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hodgy Beats - The Dena Tape (Mixtape)

Well, I like Hodgy Beats. Everyones all on Frank Ocean, Tyler, and Earl, Im listening to Hodgy, he's just something else. Dont get me wrong, Frank, Tyler, and Earl (obviously, the kids a lyrical genius) are all good in their own way, cept I didnt get into Frank all that much. I have no clue when this tape dropped, but I really dig it. Hodgy's version of "Cannon" is by far one of my favorite remixes of the song. Check out The Dena Tape by OFWGKTA's, Hodgy Beats.

Hodgy Beats - HCannonB

The Dena Tape (Mixtape)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ground Up - No Thanks (Official Video)

Within the same week of dropping their new tape, The Get Down, they drop a new video. Thats sick. Its like a party in the street, no joke. Check out the visuals for "No Thanks" and be sure to download their new tape!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Headnodic - Dirty Diamonds (Remix) ft. Moe Pope, Bru Lei, Very, Jern Eye, Nightclubber Lang & One Be Lo

According to UrbanDictionary, "Headnodic" is a quality of a musical beat which makes you unknowingly or uncontrollably nod your head to it. Well, after hearing this track, I believe thats true. Within the first minute I noticed I was nodding my head, the beat is just something else, using a piano, drums, and some other instrument I cant think of. Just listen...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kenny El - So Magical ft Aggy Dave

Kenny El's newest track, featuring our good friend Dave. To my knowledge, the track features and ATC sample. Also, he will be releasing a new track in the coming weeks, and he's excited to be releasing it. Anyway, check out "So Magical" ft Aggy Dave.

Ground Up - The Get Down (Mixtape)

9.20.11 has arrived! The Philly trio has undoubtedly released one of their best works yet. With the production of the groups very own Bij Lincs, they use a variety of tracks, making it have a sick vibe to it. Big Z and Twist Da Wizerd also helped with some of the production. Another reason you should check this tape out, is that my own mother even digs the tape, and that rarely happens. You know the music is good when your mom wants to listen to it. Be sure to also check out the tour dates!


"The Get Down"

The Get Down (Mixtape)& The Quit Work Make Music Tour dates

Notorious B.I.G. - What Up Gangsta (Dirty Harry Blend)

Personally, this is my favorite Biggie remix, Im disappointed on the length of it though. Other then that, Dirty Harry puts a couple verses of Biggie over 50 Cent's "What Up Gangsta." Its real dope.

Notorious B.I.G. - Everyday Struggle (Frogs in Socks BiG Bootleg Remix)

Well, Im lost within this remix. What happened? Im not sure, its quite a sick remix though. Never heard Biggie like this before.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Massiah - Freestyle + Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

I've found this video just a few minutes ago and Im quite impressed at this dudes freestyle game. Also that he can put verses over a dubstep song, check out the video.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A-1 - All That! (Official Video) & Charizard (Official Video)

Well, my cousin DQ showed me this guy awhile ago, and he's something else. He takes 90s show theme songs, remixes it, and kills it.

All That!


Monday, September 5, 2011


Uhm...yea... I love this guys mixes, thats really all there is to it. Just check em out if you like house or club etc.

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